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Volkswagen (VW)

VW Group services generally fall into 4 categories;


Fixed interval or oil change service.


Major Service


Flexible interval or Long-life service

Additional model dependent or time dependent items we can also carry out additional model or time dependent items etc.

We can carry out all of the above to dealer standards if you prefer, but truthfully we prefer to look after your car individually, because everyone uses their car differently and consequentially everyone’s car wears differently, so how can this be covered with a blanket approach to servicing? SO what we like to do is look at all of your car’s components specifically, every time. We then build up a picture of your car’s condition. We also look at your usage of the car and it’s history but specifically what you want from it. Then we can make the most accurate recommendations for you. But either way, let us know what you’d like.

Since 2007 we’ve been proud to offer equivalent servicing to the pricey VW Group main dealers with our award winning attention to detail.

We can service your VW/ Audi/ Seat/ Skoda or VW Commercial to the same standards as the dealers; using genuine parts and factory supplied Technical and Service Data for a much lower cost.

We offer the same levels of service as the main dealers and also our ever popular bespoke “check everything and advise”.  Just let us know what you’d like, and if you’re not sure we’ll be glad to give you best advice.

We’ll also give it a free Wash Leather Vac too!


Can you reset my service light?

Yes! We reset your service reminder with the correct diagnostic equipment and stamp your service book.

What if my vehicle is under warranty?

Not a problem, you’re still covered. As your Independent alternative to costly main dealer servicing we use only genuine service parts supplied by VW UK, so if your car is still under warranty, this will still be upheld by the manufacturer as per the block exemption rulings of 2001. Basically, provided that your car is serviced by a qualified person, in a timely manner using genuine parts, the manufacturer cannot refuse to pay out on your warranty.

Can you update my service record on VW/Audi/ Seat/ Skoda’s Digital Service Record.

Yes! As an approved Independent Repairer we have an excellent relationship with VW UK and have access to their digital service records. So, yes we certainly can update your vehicle’s Digital Service Record and you can rest assured that your vehicle’s value won’t be diminished by lack of Digital Service History.

Do you offer Courtesy Cars?

Yes we do. We have a choice of 4 Manual or Automatic courtesy cars to keep you rolling whilst your vehicle is with us, and they’re free! We only ask to see your Driver’s license, proof of Insurance and that you replace any fuel you use.


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