VW Group Diagnostics and Repairs

Need a repair or a complicated fault diagnosing on your Volkswagen, Audi Seat or Skoda?

If it’s a complicated wiring fault, a pesky engine management light (EML), an airbag light, a full engine rebuild or something as simple as a bulb replacement, broken coil spring or noisy wheel bearing we’ve got the equipment and the know-how to do it to factory standards and meet your expectations. We’ll also give your vehicle a free wash, leather and vac too!

In short, we can do pretty much anything the VW Group Dealers can do, right here at our Premises in March. And please remember, before we carry out any work for you we will always contact you with a price and will not do anything to your Volkswagen Audi Seat or Skoda without your permission. This way you’ll never have any unpleasant surprises or unexpected bills.

What do you have that any local garage doesn’t have?

Right from when we opened in 2007 we’ve invested heavily in the Specialist tooling and Equipment that Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW Commercial main dealers carry.  As a VW Group Authorised Independent Repairer we also have up to date access to VW’s ELSA workshop repair, Technical Data and Product Updates right from the Factory. This means we can carry out all the relevant Service and Repair operations to your car as VW Group intended and also enables us to fulfil yours and your vehicle’s requirements every time.

Computer Diagnostic Systems

We have the same VAS6154 and licensed ODIS Computer Diagnostic System that the Volkswagen Audi Seat and Skoda Dealers use which has an online GEKO connection to VW Group in Germany and boasts the fantastic; Guided Fault Finding test plans, SVR Updates, Technical Product information and much more besides.

We also have four licensed aftermarket systems specifically for VW Group including VCDS (VAGCOM) and VAGCAN which allows us to log data, keep in touch and up to date with the VW aftermarket world.

Oh yes, and we can supply and code keys and remotes……….

Do you offer Courtesy Cars?

Yes we do. We have a choice of 4 Manual or Automatic courtesy cars to keep you rolling whilst your vehicle is with us, and they’re free! We only ask to see your Driver’s license, proof of Insurance and that you replace any fuel you use.

We continue to invest constantly in up to date tooling and information to help keep us ahead of the curve and look after you and your vehicle with Award Winning Service Every Time.

This means we can do pretty much anything the Dealers can do right here at our Premises in March.



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