Servicing & Repairs

The services we carry out are different to anyone else’s in that we tailor them to fit you and the way that you use your vehicle. Our aim is that if we service your car it will be safe, reliable and enjoyable until at least it’s next scheduled service.

We can service any make, model or age of car/van without invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty. You may find cheaper, but you won’t find better.

VW Group Servicing and Repairs

Volkswagen (VW)

VW Group services generally fall into 4 categories;


Fixed interval or oil change service.


Major Service


Flexible interval or Long-life service

Additional model dependent or time dependent items-such as timing belts, brake fluid, transmission and Haldex oil changes.

We can carry out all of the above to dealer standards if you prefer, but truthfully we prefer to look after your car individually, because everyone uses their car differently and consequentially everyone’s car wears differently, so how can this be covered with a blanket approach to servicing? SO what we like to do is look at all of your car’s components specifically, every time. We then build up a picture of your car’s condition. We also look at your usage of the car and it’s history but specifically what you want from it. Then we can make the most accurate recommendations for you. But either way, let us know what you’d like.

Servicing and Repairs

Other Makes Service and Repairs

We can and do cater for any make and model of vehicle as well as the VW group range. On all of our services we check all of your car’s systems and take the wheels off every time to check the brakes properly and if any additional work is required we will always phone you with an exact price before we proceed. If you say yes we will carry out the work as soon as possible. If you say no, when you collect the vehicle we will give you a written quote for any additional work required.

We gladly carry out all types of repairs including mechanical and electrical faults.  We have the skills, the tools and the experience to solve pretty much any problems you bring us, and we regularly have other garages regularly bringing their customers cars to us.

Please rest assured, all our servicing and repair work is guaranteed. Parts are guaranteed by the manufacturers and also backed up by us. Morally, we will not see you wronged or out of pocket unfairly.


If you have broken down, have a problem and are unable or unsure about driving your car, we can recover it in for you safely with our recovery truck, whether it be in your driveway or on the roadside – even if you have the whole family with you.

We also offer a collection service should you need to get your latest on-line purchase home safely and legally.

Courtesy Cars

A choice of manual or automatic courtesy cars are available free of charge to customers who require them. We can even collect your car, leave you with a courtesy car and then deliver your car back to you when it’s finished therefore interrupting your day as little as possible.

If you don’t need a courtesy car we can still collect and deliver your car for you free of charge from the March/Wisbech areas.


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