Air Conditioning & Climate Control

Air Conditioning and Climate Control

Ever since we opened in 2007, we have had our own in house air con system. We now have four DEFRA approved qualified technicians and all approved methods of leak detection. We also have the capabilities to service all systems including the new systems with the latest R1234YF refrigerant gas. So rest assured if it’s a scheduled service your Climate Control needs or you have an awkward leak we can help; safely, within the law and also within your budget.

What can go wrong with your A/C?

Your car’s air conditioning system contains a refrigerant gas which over time due to natural leakage,(around 10% per year) will deplete, leading to weakened performance and eventually failure. Other factors can contribute to this such as, seal deterioration, corrosion and damage from foreign objects (stones etc damaging the condenser).

Additionally, components can mechanically fail such as; the compressor, condenser, and evaporator along with electrical systems too that can all lead to you getting hotter than you need to…….

What can we do for you?

We can fix it! We have four methods of tracing leaks; leak check on the machine, Ultra Violet dye, Refrigerant gas detector (sniffer) and Oxygen Free Nitrogen leak tracing which can help us locate the source of your leak and repair it, rather than “keep gassing it up”.

Once the leak is fixed we attach the correct one of our A/C machines to your vehicle and proceed to vacuum the system to remove any moisture. Once the vacuum has been completed new gas is then installed along with a leak detector fluid. We then run your AC system to ensure the correct pressures are being maintained and that it is cooling correctly whilst carrying out a basic settings reset of your vehicle’s A/C system using our diagnostic equipment.

But what if your Air Conditioning’s fine?

Good, and we want to keep it that way! Every time we service your vehicle we check the effectiveness of your A/C system and if it’s not up to scratch, we’ll advise a system service and Re-gas, thereby maintaining the correct levels of refrigerant. Alternatively we always recommend a system service and Re-gas at least every two years.

Do you offer an anti-bacterial clean?

Yes, included with all Air Conditioning Services. You might not have thought it, but a car’s air-conditioning system is a haven for bacteria due to constant temperature changes and condensation build up. In America, they even call it sick car syndrome! Scientists have discovered that some of the bugs can be dangerous, leading to meningitis, urinary tract infections and sceptic arthritis. It can also stink! This is sometimes noticed when you turn you’re A/C on in the spring time and you may notice a fusty smell. Because of this, we run an anti-bacterial treatment through your cars’ vents as part of the A/C system service. The A/C ‘bomb’ will clean the entire system using an anti-bacterial treatment to help eradicate any bacteria or germs and remove any fusty smells.


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